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The academy follows the Ministry of National Education’s curriculum. Lesson plans reject rote learning and promote a dynamic, immersive and enriching classroom environment. Locally sourced curricula are complemented by LEAD’s leadership, entrepreneurship, and STEM courses.


Our student-athletes engage in two hours of sport training per day. The academy delivers comprehensive sport curricula that disrupt bad habits, introduce fundamental techniques, and encourage creativity. Football is an integral part of local cultures around the world. Through football, our coaches engage our student-athletes in activity-based learning and create safe spaces where young people feel comfortable asking questions, sharing their opinions and supporting their teammates. We are using the power of football to build confidence and resilience in young people so that they can take charge of their lives and their health – both on and off the pitch.


We ensure our student-athletes have balanced, nutrient-rich diets. On a daily basis, we provide well balanced classic Moroccan meals for lunch. 


All our student-athletes are insured for injuries while participating in sport through Wafa Assurance. If any of them get injured while playing football, their medical expenses would be covered throughout the country.


Our partner, RoboMatter Incorporated, is a global leader in the provision of STEM education. Through research-based training programs, interactive technology tools, and dynamic STEM curricula, Robomatter motivates young people to discover IT and robotics. As a Robomatter partner, LEAD Morocco’s teachers gain access to teacher training, professional development, and certification programs through a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy. Robomatter uses unique tools and technology to teach children the language of innovation.


Quality academic classes and professional sport training are augmented by daily life skills lessons. LEAD academies partner with both local and global organizations to teach conflict resolution, financial literacy, and digital literacy, ensuring our graduates leave as well-rounded individuals.

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LitClub is a space for joyful learning, creative expression, community building, and developing social-emotional skills. The LitClub model is an in-depth literacy and empowerment program designed to run outside of school time. Each LitClub serves a small group of girls or boys, ages 10-14, bringing members together once a week for two hours after school for joyful learning, creative expression, community building, and developing social-emotional skills.

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